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Main features
SAMAUP provides many features that allow you to upload your files in a simple and orderly way
SamaUp Cloud
upload files

Samaup allows you to upload files of all kinds (documents - programs - video - games - books), and supports the site other types of files.

SamaUp Cloud
Drag files from a link

You can also drag files from links to other sites, and store them in your account on the site for free and easily.

SamaUp Cloud
Copy files

The site also provides the possibility to copy files of all kinds and add them to your account automatically, with the possibility of sharing with friends.

SamaUp Cloud
Upload files via FTP

The site provides the possibility to upload torrent files, one of the ways to download files, and download from other ordinary devices that share the file with you.

SamaUp Cloud
  • SamaUp Cloud Copy files

    The process takes only a few minutes. Through membership you can easily control your files without which no profit is calculated.

  • SamaUp Cloud Upload and share your files with friends

    After creating membership, you can log in and start uploading files immediately. But do not forget to share your files with friends to start collecting money.

  • SamaUp Cloud Request your earnings immediately

    You can now track your daily earnings, request them immediately, and choose how you'd like to receive the most profitable profit from among the many ways the site provides members.

The profit system of samaup
Samaup profit system provides you with many profitable features through your uploaded files
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  • Canada
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • All other countries
Want additional features? Upgrade!
These are additional features you get after upgrading your membership
  • SamaUp Cloud Unlimited storage

    Unlimited storage of your files until you delete them yourself.

  • SamaUp Cloud Unrestricted access

    You can access your files anytime, anywhere

  • SamaUp Cloud Safety and protection

    Your files are saved on secure and protected servers.

  • SamaUp Cloud No ads, no verification codes

    No ads, no waiting .. in addition to high download speeds

  • UpgradeNow
SamaUp Cloud
payment methods !!

The payment process is carried out with ease, and is protected and trusted by global security certificates. These are the payment methods currently accepted by the site:

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Opinions of our clients
These are the impressions of some customers about the services Samaab provides to subscribers and visitors.
The best site you used to upload files of my site and thank you for winning more than 200 dollars a month from the site Samaup. Thank you.
The site is very easy to download and gain excellent and excellent profits for the number of file uploads ..
- Master
What I like most about the site is the outstanding customer service and the high speed of support. Thank you very much.
- binsaad
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